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So today I was in line for this thing and I was surrounded by nerdy acne ridden white guys who were trying to place out of a German test and I realized something
They all smelled bad
Then I realized something else
I’ve never smelled a pleasant smelling nerdy white guy
I’m not surprised at all I don’t know why it’s even noteworthy like they can’t dress so they must not have a sense of smell or hygiene right
Cause seriously.
Everyone one of them had greasy brown hair and ill fitting clothes and CVS brand glasses and I could never stoop that low man
No offense to nerdy white guys with no sense of style or smell, but I can see why Hispanic girls don’t date you. I need a man who’s armpit smells so good I’ll shove my face in it. I need a man who is tall but proportionate to his height. I need a man who has dark leg hair.

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you kno she tha one when she make ya thang throb wit zero nudity

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I guess my feminism and my race are the same thing to me. They’re tied in one to another, and I don’t feel an alliance or an allegiance with upper-class white women. I don’t. I can listen to them and on some level as a human being I can feel great compassion and friendships; but they have to move from their territory to mine, because I know their world. But they don’t know mine. Sandra Cisneros, Chicana Feminist Thought
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